Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now Playing: Wish I Was Here

Anyone who knows me well knows that Zach Braff is quite honestly one of my favorite humans alive. I'm in awe of everything from his humor to his acting ability to his directorial and writing skills to his taste in music. Plus, he's a native New Jerseyan, so that immediately makes him seem even cooler to me. Like, we lived in the same state. I'm currently bursting out of my skin with excitement because I have tickets to see Braff give a lecture at my college tomorrow (!!!!!!!!!), so to get even more pumped for seeing my favorite human being in person, I decided to listen to the Wish I Was Here soundtrack. Now, I haven't had the fortune to see Wish I Was Here yet, but I knew I loved the Garden State soundtrack, so I had high hopes for this music.

All I could think upon hearing this soundtrack was, Wow. If you haven't heard any of the songs off the album yet, I suggest you listen to them right away. It features some  incredible artists (some of my favorites!), including the Shins, The Head and the Heart, The Weepies, and Bon Iver. One of the songs that absolutely caught my heart on the first listen was Wish I Was Here, a collaborative song between Cat Power and Coldplay, two more artists I deeply enjoy. I wish I could properly put into words how amazing this song, and the entire soundtrack, really is, but I think where words fail, music speaks. So give it a listen! Buy the soundtrack! Go see Wish I Was Here! And most importantly tell Zach Braff how much I love him.

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