Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Out of the Woods

Today was unusually warm for late October, with temperatures hovering around the high 60's. Of course I had to seize the opportunity and wear a skirt. I hate wearing dresses or skirts when it's so cold even a pair of tights won't keep me warm, or it's so windy I have Marilyn Monroe moments every time I step outside. Today was perfect skirt weather. I usually don't wear this shirt with skirts, but today I liked the effect of the loose top and all the neutral colors.

The trees here aren't quite as picturesque and fall-ish as I'd hoped, but the scenery allows me to borrow the title of one of my favorite songs Taylor Swift's new album 1989. My roommate/photographer had a lot of fun bossing me around in these pictures, telling me where to stand and how to pose. I was trying to break out of my typical hand-on-hip pose, since it doesn't make me look like a "real fashion blogger." My roommate and I tried to look up typical fashion blogger poses, but I really couldn't pull off the coy head-down, toes-turned-in look. And I don't like my profile in most pictures. And Tyra Banks would be ashamed of my "smizing."It turns out I'm a terrible poser for photos, so most of the time I just fidgeted in place and walked around in place and my roommate took a continuous stream of pictures. Usually I hate candids, but today most of my favorite shots were the natural, unposed ones. Go figure. 

I was so giggly in most of these pictures. My roommate is ridiculous sometimes.

In one of these pictures, I'm posing like a normal human, and in one of them I'm tap dancing. Can you tell which is which? I want to continue with more "fashion," outfit-based posts because I feel like if I know I'm going to take pictures that day, I'll make more of an effort to dress well! Makes sense, right? 

Here's a picture of me and my best Quasimodo impression (or, you know, me hunched over laughing), and an attempt at...staring off into the sunset? Something like that.

Usually I'm not a fan of the way I look in pictures, but sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and all the strange things you can do with your body and face. And on a day as beautiful today, with a tree as beautiful as that red one behind me, it was fun just to be goofy and not worry about looking "pretty" in these photos. Being camera-shy is like having stage fright; sometimes to get over it, you have to throw yourself into it without thinking about it too hard. I can't wait to make more (shorter) posts like this in the future!


  1. You are too cute Michelle! I think your poses are better than any "real" fashion blogger.

    Alyssa J Freitas

  2. Fun photos! And I've been trying to get rid of the hand on the hip pose and TRYING but failing to strike more "real blogger" poses as well! Haha. Love the outfit though. ;)


    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully we'll get the hang of the "real blogger" poses one day ;D