Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Real Talk: Changes

One of the last pictures of me with my long hair!
The first picture of me with my new short hair

I think it's significant that I'm writing a post about changes on the last day of what is considered to be a highly transitional month. September has most people scrambling to reorganize themselves into a school-year schedule, and beach-goers kiss the last weekend of summer goodbye as the official start of autumn rolls in. It was in September that I made the biggest personal change of the year so far - I cut my hair! Once long and admittedly a little drab, my hair is now shoulder-length and much healthier-looking. This isn't the first time I'd made a drastic change to my hair (I got blunt, Zooey Deschanel-style bangs my senior year of high school), but it was the first time in a while I'd chosen to do anything other than let my hair grown long and straight. I was a little freaked out to tell my hairdresser I wanted to cut several inches off. What if I looked terrible? What if I hated it? While frightening, the decision to cut my hair was definitely easier than, say, the decision to attend TCNJ. So what is it with changes that can make some frightening and some easier than blinking?

I've often wondered about my past haircut decisions. They seem drastic at the time, and they definitely shock some of my friends and family, but in the long run I always follow the mantra "It's just hair" and realize, yes, my hair will eventually grow back. I wonder if that's what makes some changes more difficult than others - the idea of permanence. Yes, cutting my hair short is a scary concept, but if I decide I hate the look, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that my hair will grow long again, eventually. Choosing to attend a college is a little scarier because of the idea of permanence that comes with it - this school will become your home for the next four years. Even with the knowledge that a great number of students transfer, choosing a college is a decision that should not be taken as lightly as a haircut.

Personally, I'm excited for September to change to October tomorrow, because fall is my favorite season and I'm eager for all the activities that arrive with autumn. What sort of changes are you facing these days? When the time comes to make a big decision, consider the permanence of the change and weigh your options carefully. While bigger decisions often cause more anxiety, they can often lead to bigger, more exciting outcomes! Good luck and enjoy the transition from September to October, and any other changes that are coming your way.

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