Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello, World

As someone who really enjoys writing, I always struggle a little with developing my own voice. How do I avoid sounding cliche, or pompous, or too formal? I've given up on more diaries and blogs than I can remember, just because I couldn't get the voice right. Nothing sounded like me. But I guess practice makes perfect, right? So hopefully I can keep up with this blog, currently title Blog of Myself (thanks, Whitman), and learn to develop my own personal voice in my writings. I'd like for this blog to include posts about music, books, movies, fashion, things that make me happy, and just the usual musings that cross my mind. And hopefully through all of it I'll be able to write posts that genuinely sound like me and truly feel like they're coming from my own voice. So here goes nothing! Welcome to Blog of Myself, and I hope you stick around.

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