Monday, January 11, 2016

52 Art Challenge 2016

I've successfully completed a second round of my 52 Art Challenge! I know it's only Monday, but I wanted to get an early start on completing some art because I know my schedule is going to get really crazy soon. For the second week of 2016, I decided to try something I'd never done before - watercolor painting!

I've probably painted with Crayola watercolors before as a child, but I had never tried freehand styles until today. I've been meaning to try watercolors for a while and I was thrilled with how fun they were! Obviously I can use a lot of practice before my pictures start looking decent, but I was overall impressed with how I fared today. (My favorite picture is the one above, the title of my favorite Radiohead song).

A quote from the song "Midnight Radio" from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Even though I mostly jumped in blind on this project, I eventually ended up on these pages and found their instructions to be super helpful as a beginner! Although I'm sure a good technique takes loads of practice to master, I think there's a lot of freedom in watercolor painting that you can't enjoy in other mediums. Of course, I'm a complete novice, so what do I know? Regardless, painting today was really relaxing, and I can see myself absolutely covering the walls of my dorm with my favorite song lyrics and literary quotes.

Are you a fan of watercolor painting? What sort of techniques do you use?

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