Friday, December 5, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Now that classes are winding down and I have some time to breathe (and maybe even write some more posts! What a concept!), December is going to be the month of "how many overused Christmas lyrics can I recycle into post titles?" I can feel it.

Early in November I caught one of the earliest Christmas commercials on Youtube completely by accident. I was listening to a playlist when suddenly an advertisement came up, and the song was so beautiful I didn't even  realize I was listening to a commercial! Eventually I learned it was the Burberry commercial, "From London With Love," starring the adorable Romeo Beckham. The song accompanies a fantastical winter wonderland filled with stunning ballgowns, beautiful choreography, and of course the classic Burberry scarves. It's such a classy brand with a classy commercial to match, but let me stop talking about Burberry and show you the actual video I'm talking about:
Christmas has unfortunately become a time of commercialism, of course, but a lot of advertisements for merchandise are actually bringing with them a wake-up call about the real values of the holiday season. This iPhone commercial, for instance, always made me tear up when I saw it last year:
How beautiful was that? Am I the only one who gets a little choked up when I watch it? I know a lot of advertising during the holiday season is just directed at getting people to buy products, but it's nice to see a commercial that actually shows the important things about this time of year, like family.

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